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I have been travelling a lot and so many of you have asked me about the products I always carry with me. I don’t really believe in using the body products provided at the hotels as your skin has special needs. During my travels, I always look to carry a shower gel that not only rejuvenates my skin but also gives me that important dose of freshness every time I take a bath.

My skin is really dry and since I shave regularly, I really feel the constant need to moisturise it. I started using shower gels a few years back and I’ve prefered them over soaps ever since. Most products I use make my skin dry while bathing and deprives it of that oh-so-essential moisture. But the one I’m currently using is unlike anything I’ve ever used. Fiama Shower Gel not only takes care of my skin, it also uplifts my mood.

I normally am a person who would thoroughly check the product before using it. Everyone, from dear friends to even my mother, had recommended Fiama Shower Gels and I knew it would be worth the buy. Unlike most brands, Fiama has created 100ml versions of their shower gels, which make them easy to carry and  for someone like me who travels alot, this is a big plus point!

I love how Fiama’s range comes in 4 variants. You can find the variants in Patchouli & Macadamia, Peach & Avocado, Blackberry & Bearberry and Lemongrass & Jojoba to moisturize, exfoliate and revive your skin. Another plus point about Fiama Shower Gels is that they’re luxury in less. You can get the 250ml bottle for Rs 199 and 100 ml for Rs 55 only!

When I come home tired from a shoot, a quick shower using the Fiama shower gel really uplifts my mood. Right now my saviour against the crazy Delhi weather and rising pollution levels has been the Lemongrass and Jojoba variant, it contains little beads that live up to the claim of providing a gentle exfoliation. They are neither too soft nor too harsh. The size and roughness of these beads is just perfect for an everyday exfoliation routine. The packaging is a transparent bottle with a flip-open leak proof green cap makes it easy to carry.

Fiama shower gels have become my “Must have” incase you want to know more, click here.


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  1. This is just awesome.. I’ll definitely try it.. Bt I also o wanna ask u for my foundation.. I don’t know which foundation will be best and how to choose the correct shade for my skin..

  2. I’ll surely try it next time.I just got one shower gel day before yesterday.I wish you would have posted this before.So that it would help me buying the right one.Anyway thankyou!❤️

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