Lacoste’s 85th Anniversary


Coming from an Army background, I’ve always seen my dad and other officers all my life dressed in smart casuals and collared t-shirts. I particularly always remembered seeing this crocodile logo on dad’s shirt which he regularly wore. Lacoste has been one clothing brand which I have childhood memories attached with and I absolutely love their collection.

Lacoste is celebrating their 85th Anniversary by taking out a collection which consists of 15 reissues from their most iconic outfits. I went to check out the new collection the other day and saw some amazing examples of Lacoste styles ever been created. The capsule collection consists of eight unisex polos, three dresses, a pair of shoes and three bags. This collection is an image of 85 years of creativity in Lacoste’s graphic design, materials and shapes. The collection consists of contemporary colours of Lacoste which can be seen in the Spring/Summer 2018 range which give a new life to the brand.

For women you can pick a dress inspired from sixties, eighties or seventies. I completely love the collection and the dresses look amazing. I picked up my favourite outfit from their new collection which is a collared dress inspired from the seventies. I absolutely love the iconic dress with a white collar and red/navy blue body. I styled the outfit with a backpack from Lacoste sporting the same colour theme and threw in a pair of white sneakers.
You can check out the collection at a store near you.

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