#DzireCoastailTrail- Celebration of a Milestone


Picture Credits: @MSarenaofficial

You all know how much of a car enthusiast I am. I get excited about cars like a little boy and I keep myself up-to-date with all new things coming in. The only conversation that my brother and I have is on cars!

 The all-new Maruti Suzuki Dzire, which launched in May 2017, is the first car to cross 1 lakh sales in a short span of less than 6 months. Maruti Suzuki Dzire celebrated this milestone by going on the #DzireCoastalTrail. How cool is that!

12 Major publications came together for this activity. The drive commenced from Kanyakumari and continued towards the western and eastern coasts in two Dzire’s covering the most scenic locations around the Indian coastline and concluded at Diu and Puri respectively. During the drive the participants experienced the local culture and cuisine thus making the drive a truly indulgent one.

Picture Credits: @MSarenaofficial

The new Dzire is designed with an attention to detail and comes with a variety of features like the SmartPlay Infotainment system that allows you drive in peace while using voice commands to control the music, navigation and rear AC vents for an exceptionally comfortable driving experience. So here is a fun fact – Right after Indian Idol, my husband’s first car (which he bought with his own money when he was just 20) was the Dzire. That was the car on our first date, and our companion on numerous trips in and around Pune. It was literally like our home! And now, after so many years, we still have it as it holds such a dear place in our hearts. I checked out the new Dzire and I completely understand why it has crossed 1 lakh sales faster than any other car in India. Book a test drive for yourself and let me know your review too.

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