The Dark Night


Hey Guys!

I am crazy about music and it literally defines my life. I related each song with a phase or with a special memory of my life. And this is why I love listening to music all the freaking time. Oh and in case you haven’t noticed, I married a singer! This is the reason I love attending concerts and going out clubbing. Also, I have no favourites. I can literally listen to anything! And I have phases where I listen to house music, Goth and dark music and them I come down to Punjabi too. Wasn’t kidding when I said I can listen to anything!

I recently went to #BUDx by Budweiser in Delhi and had so much fun. The place gave out such amazing vibes with its grunge setup in red. My Cousin Naina helped me in clicking pictures there and boy she took some crazy shots. If you notice my Instagram I generally am a very bright pink and white person but these pictures literally blew me away. Thank you Naina for such amazing work. Guys you can check her work here!

For the event, I wore a one shoulder oversized sweater dress along with suede boots with tassels. Surprisingly it wasn’t so cold in Delhi as I had imagined and thank god for that as I stay in Pune which never really gets to see winter! I also borrowed my mum’s tiny and cute MK sling which I recently got her from Dubai. I love carrying tiny slings, if you guys notice my Instagram, those are the only bags I carry!

Enjoy the pictures!


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