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You all know that I have always been crazy about cars! I have probably inherited it from my father. He was a rally racer back in the day and always used to drifts or burnouts with me in the car! #FatherGoals for sure. Every time he would drive like that he would look back and ask me “Hey! When will you drive like this?” Ever since then I have been crazy about driving and cars. No wonder I love driving down to Mumbai from Pune alone all the time. I am not kidding when I say this, I am the happiest when I am sitting in the car driving alone and listening to good songs!

Ford Mustang is definitely a beast and one of the most good looking cars in the world. While buying my Range Rover, I first saw Mustang and instantly fell in love. However husband wanted an suv so we went for Rover. We all want to buy good cars but it definitely bites our pocket to pay extra for taxes and registration. I came across this grand auto reselling showroom in Delhi called Auto Best Emperio and they have all the top luxury vehicles which have barely been run few thousand kms and look incredibly new! Having said that these are just few months old and the cost difference is amazing! Plus you don’t even have to spend on insurance and registration as these are pre loved cars.

I saw this silver Ford Mustang in their showroom and completely fell in love! It’s barely been run 2,000 kms and has a brand new body! Why should you spend on a new vehicle which is overly expensive in India due to taxes when you can get your hands on one from Auto Best Emperio! I definitely feel that it’s a steal! Check out the picture!

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