Styling Colored Lenses with Bausch & Lomb


The great thing about fashion is that it always looks forward.
– Oscar De La Renta
Hola! So I have been super excited for this blog post as I tried something new and couldn’t wait to tell you guys about it. I love experimenting with my looks and I always wanted to try colored lenses. We mostly are a little hesitant about trying lenses as we don’t know what colour suits us and how we will style the lenses. But trust me, I tried 3 amazing shades of lenses from Bausch & Lomb and completely fell in love.
I tried a classic blue lens, a light green lens and a deep green lens for you guys and did different makeup and outfit looks for you to show you guys how you can style them. Colored lenses undoubtedly give you a whole new look and help you in transforming your appearance. There are several colors that suit indian skin tone and these 3 colours that I picked are my favourite. Apart from reading about the looks I created for different occasions, you can even watch the video to find out how the whole looks came out to be.
1. Lacelle Classic Blue Lens

I always wanted to try blue lens but I wasn’t sure if they’ll suit me or our Indian skin tone. However, I was really wrong. The Blue lens from Bausch & Lomb’s Lacelle Classic Collection looks absolutely stunning on our skin and these have to be one of my most favourite lens specially for styling a day look. The color pops out brilliantly and I thought of styling it for a day out with a playful outfit. I am wearing an off shoulder top with studded denim shorts. Since we are not sure how to create a makeup look that suits colored lenses, I am breaking down the look for you. I wanted to make my lips and eyes stand out so with blue lens I used a neon pink lipstick. Along with that I have used a foundation with good coverage and played with a lot of highlight. I have highlighted the high points of my face along with a white pearl eyeshadow.



2. Lacelle Circle Green Lens 

The Green Lens from Lacelle Circle of Bausch & Lomb has to be my most favourite lens. I was amazed by how blue looked but hands down, I loved green more than anything. I think green really suits our skin tone and blends in completely. I literally felt like a doll with these lens and didn’t want to take them off. Each lens has it’s own quality and each lens gives you a new look. With the green one, I created a subtle “day out with my girls” look with nude makeup and golden highlight on eyes. I wore a white corset, with a high waist pleated skirt and a floral kimono. I made sure to let the focus be on my eyes while keeping the makeup very nude. Light base, nude lipstick and heavy mascara is what I focussed on along with a winged liner and golden touch.



3. Lacelle Premium Green

I had to try something for a party night and thought of giving Bausch & Lomb’s Green Lens from Lacelle Premium Collection a try. This green is a little on the deeper side than the one I spoke about earlier and is perfect for a party look. I focussed on my eyes more and did smoky eye makeup along with bold red lipstick. I love how the intense green colour stands out with the red lippy. I styled the lens with blowdried messy hair and a fishnet dress which is trending.


Hope you guys enjoyed this blog and watching all the lenses I tried. You can find out more about Bausch & Lomb on their Instagram page here and on FB page here.


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