Fabulyst- A Personal Virtual Stylist For You


So there are times when
you guys look upto your favourite bloggers for styling help but it’s not always
that you get a quick personal response. I know that there are times when even I
need an expert opinion while shopping but I am unable to figure out who to ask.
So I came across this fab android app called Fabulyst which is
like a virtual personal stylist that helps us in styling know hows while
shopping online. How amazing is that? I have attached a couple of pictures in
this blog of me using the app so that you guys get to know how useful this app
is for you and me. 
After you sign up with
the app, the app asks you to define your body type so that it is able to give
you useful suggestions based on what will exactly suit you. After the app
understands your likes, dislikes and preferences, it becomes super easy for you
to just go type what you are looking for like “I am looking for a party dress”
and the app will showcase exactly what is perfect for you according to your
body type and complexion. I was amazed at how accurate the choices of the app
for me were. The minute I asked for a dress, the app showcased a couple of
off-shoulder dresses and that’s exactly what I like and suits me. Fabulyst actually finds the perfect products
for you from over 10 Million products. After the products are picked for you, Fabulyst also tells you why the particular
products have been picked for you and how they’ll suit your height and other
stats to make you look perfect. 
One of the best features
of the app is Wish Bag! We always have something in mind for ourselves and
within a within budget. The Wishbag feature asks you to input what exactly are
you looking for any particular event and within a certain budget depending on
you. The app then suggests various products based on your preferences and helps
you in shortlisting exactly what you want.
Also, another feature
that is super useful for you and I is the Style Tips feature. Fabulyst app
provides us with styling tips that help us in understanding what would suit our
body type and make us look amazing. I recently lost a lot of weight and wanted
to know what would suit me. The Style Tips feature told me to wear elegant lace
dresses to accentuate my body type.
I truly feel that Fabulyst is a one stop solution for fashion
discovery and purchase. You can check out Fabulyst on FacebookYoutube and Instagram and
know more about it. Don’t forget to download the app and give it a try. I
absolutely loved it and I am sure that you will love it too

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