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Our Youtube channel just touched 100k Subscribers and I am so happy that you guys are loving our videos. Sometime back me and Shaurya posted a video about shaving and you guys had a lot of questions in your mind. Here is another blog for you guys where I’ll be bursting a big shaving related myths, “Shaving Leaves Skin Dry & Flaky”. 
You guys know that I find shaving super convenient and I have been shaving since school. I never really had the patience to wait for my hair to grow back and then get waxing done. Shaving is super fast and very convenient. I have been using Gillette Venus razor and trust me it’s the best I have ever used. In my last blog post I talked about how shaving doesn’t make your hair growth thicker because but it’s just the blunt ends that make it seem thick. When the hair grows back, they come back to their normal texture. I also spoke about how shaving doesn’t make our hair growth darker, it’s the genetics and DNA that determines the colour. Also, the hair growth is constant for every individual so the growth doesn’t become faster. 
Another big myth is that shaving makes our skin dry and flaky. Firstly, our skin acts different in all weather situations. The pictures in this blog are taken during different time of the year and compiled together. I took pictures in winter, summer and rainy season to show you how no matter how my skin is acting, shaving doesn’t really affect my skin in any way. Having said this, you guys need to make sure to take all steps of a proper shaving routine to maintain good skin. It includes opening your pores before shaving by dipping your arms and legs in warm water, then using a scrub to get rid of any dead skin after which you need to use Gillette Venus Shaving Foam to get a smooth shave. Also make sure to shave opposite the direction of your hair growth unless you are shaving your bikini area, then you need to go in the direction of the hair growth first and then the opposite. After shaving, we need to moisturize thoroughly. Moisturizing is important no matter what. Even if I don’t shave, my skin is so dry that it gets dry and flaky in some weather conditions. If you too have dry skin then heavy moisturization is required.
Coming on to the myth that shaving makes your skin dry and flaky, shaving actually makes your skin feel smooth by whisking away the  top layer of the dead skin. We can’t see it but it’s a fact that our skin looses almost 30,000-40,000 dead skin cells every minute. Hence it is important to shave and get rid of the dead cells to get smooth and shiny skin. All that you need to do is follow the proper shaving routine and moisturize your skin to look flawless everyday. 

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  1. Can you make a video on how to get rid of facial hair or a blog please! Presently a lot of girls are suffered from this and this is so embarrassing for us so please we all are having so many hopes from you so please do this for us please! Its a request please

  2. Heyy..Please can u do a video or a blog on how to get rid of facial hair and summer skin care hacks..And this blog was really very helpful in clearing all my doubts regarding Shaving:)

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