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How are you guys doing?
I have been super busy shooting and also, I started a new Youtube Channel with my crazy husband. Go check out the channel here if you still haven’t! I have already shared our introductory video and a video of our wedding. The recent video is all about us traveling to Lavasa but losing our way and ending up in a village. We are super crazy and I am sure you’ll enjoy the videos. Okay so moving on to my blog post, we all have a lot of misconceptions about Shaving and I thought of writing this blog post and bursting a big myth about Shaving. I also wanted to share my experience with you guys and help you in solving your doubts. 
So I started shaving in class 10th as it was super tough for me to wait for my hair growth and then go to a parlour for waxing as the top priority of parents that time is just your studies and every minute counts. But ever since then I have gotten really used to shaving and I just can’t get back to waxing. I always shave but sometimes I do wax my arms to get the tan removed over a period of time. But yes, shaving it super super convenient and I am always hair free and confident because of that. 
There is a myth about shaving that most of us believe. We feel that shaving causes hair to grow back thicker, darker and faster. Well, it’s not really true. When we shave, the ends of the hair become a little blunt and because of those blunt ends we feel that the hair growth is thicker. But when the hair grows back, they take the shape of our regular hair. Also, the hair growth is not darker, it is the genetics and DNA of a person that determines the colour of the hair and not shaving. And the hair growth is constant for every individual so shaving doesn’t really makes your hair come back faster than before. If you don’t shave for a while and go back to waxing, your hair will take the same amount of time to come back as it used to before shaving. But yes if you shave, I suggest you to do it everyday while taking back like a regular routine or you can do it alternate days to keep your skin smooth and free from blunt ends. Although even if I don’t shave for 3-4 days, I don’t see visible hair on my legs and I can comfortably wear shorts and dresses. But for different individuals the genetics define how the hair growth would be. My mom shaves and she gets hair in days and that too soft hair. For me it’s a little different and it will be a little different in some ways for you too. 
Also, while shaving make sure that you use a good quality of razor and that is why I have been using Gillette Venus which gives an amazing close shave in one go. It have been built specially for girls to be gently on the skin and the head of the razor moves to shave in the shape of our body. I make sure to use the razor with after dipping my legs in cold water and opening my pores so that the hair sticks out to get a good shave. Also, don’t forget to use Satin Care Shaving Gel by Gillette Venus which is specially made for protecting your skin and giving you a comfortable shave. After I am done shaving, I make sure to moisturise my skin deeply. 
If you guys have any doubts then please do comment below and I shall get back to you.
Also, the outfit I am wearing is from Shopuccino! It’s a long sporty jacket with pockets which you can either wear as a dress after closing the buttons or as a long shrug over other outfits. 

8 thoughts on “My Shaving Story!”

  1. Hi there?
    How are you? Hope you're doing well ?
    So I had started shaving since the very next day after watching your shaving video on YouTube. I don't know if this happens with everyone or its just with me. I have got like 2-3 black dots on my legs like clogged black pores. I don't know why is this happening. Should I continue shaving or I shouldn't. I'm just so confused ?

    1. ragini konar21 January 2017 at 11:48
      I hope I can comment;
      I probably think they might be in growth of hairs and not because of shaving.
      It even happens when we wax.
      It happens because of hormonal changes��
      U could just exfloliate that area ; maybe that would be helpful ��
      Hope this helps��

  2. helloooo…….
    even i get the same problem ..underskin growth may be a factor and it may be because of using the razor a bit hardly….exfoliation is surely the best way to deal with and you can even use a pumic stone by rubbing it on the area which has underskin growth and it even removes the dead skin .

  3. I have very hard growth everywhere on my body like men have because of my hormones. So can I also go for shaving? As I think if I start shaving then I need to do everyday, which is actually not convenient for me. Please Suggest.

  4. Lipstick details please. I am obsessed with this color. Is shaving necessary if you have hair very less like I mean very less. In my whole body its less and my skin is very sensitive and I have never removed hair by any means ever till now. I am confused.

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