“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.” — Alexander McQueen

Hey Guys!
How are you guys doing?
 Winter is almost here and Pune has started having really chilly nights. I am absolutely love the weather. You skin starts to glow, no more sweating, I can shoot more and I get amazing sleep in this weather. I am planning on doing a winter lookbook for you guys super soon. But before that let’s talk about the wedding season! So many of my friends are getting married and I can’t control my excitement. I am waiting to attend all the weddings and getting all dressed up in pretty outfits. I love to be in comfortable outfits during weddings as I love to run around to help with work and mostly I love dancing. I make sure to wear something which I can comfortably carry all throughout the day and it should be something I can wear with comfy flats.  
 If you guys are looking for something light and pretty for day functions then do check out my best friend Pari’s online store, Bunaai! She has an impeccable sense of styling and I am super happy that she launched her online store a few weeks ago. Me and Shaurya got our hands on her pretty outfits and yes! We are twinning again. That’s what we have been doing since college. Moving onto the outfit, the material is absolutely amazing and the finishing is just perfect. We are wearing a set of cold shoulder crop top along with a high waist long skirt. If you know me then you would know that I am obsessed with cold shoulder outfits and this twin set just blew my mind away!
You can find an amazing range of co-ord sets, long dresses and kurta-pant sets on her website in different designs. Also, a major reason why you should be checking out Bunaai is because it’s unbelievably reasonable. You won’t be able to control yourself from shopping after you check out the prices. Most of her outfits are within Rs. 2500. Isn’t that insane? I teamed up my outfit with matching floral sunnies and a pair of pretty juttis. I am in love with the pretty plum shade of this outfit. This colour was majorly missing from my wardrobe but since winter is coming, I figured that it’s the perfect colour to sport this season. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures 🙂

Location Courtesy: Deccan Harvest, Magarpatta 
P.s it’s an amazing place! You guys should definitely go there for food if you are from Pune! xoxo

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