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I believe that fashion is the ultimate form if self expression therefore it really depends on my mood. 
-Nicole Richie

Hey guys!
I strongly believe that our taste in fashion changes with our mood. When I am super happy, I want to wear pink and more of white. When I am upset or feeling gloomy, I wear deep red or black. And when I am feeling way too excited I am mostly wearing neons. Why be the same monotonous person everyday when you can be someone exciting everyday. Also, what I wear mostly depends on what I am panning to do that day. So if I am going for coffee with my girls I will probably wear something casual and comfy. Or if I am going for a bike ride, I would like to look more edgy. We all love having variations in our outfits everyday based on the about things so why not have variations in our accessories too? 
Did you guys check out the latest collection of Titan Eye Plus called the Flip Collection? So Titan just came up with these range on new frames where we can change the temples as per our choice. The frames come with one set of temples and we can buy more temples in different designs to give ourselves a new look everyday. How cool is that? So now we can change the look of our frames depending on our mood and outfit. I personally picked up a couple of different temples with frames and styled my outfits depending on my mood and plans for the day. 
Look 1: Edgy
Bold lips and biker leather jacket! I am crazy about bikes and dressing up edgy. Sometimes I just want to pair up a white tee with edgy leather jacket and have my bold lips on. Me and my husband love going out for long bike rides. For this look I wore my Titan Eye Plus black frames with red temples. I love how well they are going with my whole look and enhancing my personality. 

Look 2: Girls Day Out
Sometimes I am very edgy and sometimes depending on my mood I am super girly. When I am very happy and planning a playful girls day out, I would prefer wearing a pair of cute pink frames with pink temples. I would definitely go all overboard with my pinkness. Check out these super cute frames I am wearing with an off shoulder top and floral skirt. 

Look 3: Sporty/ Playful 
On most days I love being in my sneakers and oversized jackets or shirts. Don;t you guys too feel super comfy in them? I styled my outfit with a pair of triangular design temples from Titan Eye Plus. I love how you can just pick a pair of glasses and keep modifying them to match your mood. How convenient is that? 

Look 4 : Formal
Well sometimes when I have my work mode on and I am in no mood of drama, I put on my Titan Eye Plus frames with a pair of simple black or dark blue temples. When I am working and attending meetings, I like to wear monochrome tones and be all simple. Titan Eye Plus Flip collection has many more frames which can match your different moods and complete your outfits. 
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