Samsung Gear S2: My fashion accessory


What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts go so fast. Fashion is instant language.
 – Miuccia Prada
If you guys know me well then you would know that my favourite fashion accessory is a watch. You would never see me without a watch and I love investing in timeless classics, interesting designs and fun colours. I think more than anything else, a watch makes your outfit stand out and it is a daily necessity too. I am obsessed with watches and once I have one sort of watch, I want another one in a different style and colour. But how cool it would be to have a watch that you can customise to match any outfit and style. Well ladies I have a solution to our ever increasing need of wanting something new to style our outfits with and it’s the Samsung Gear S2 wearable. 
The best part about Samsung Gear S2 is that you can change it’s watch face to match your mood,outfit or occassion. You have so many options of changing your watch faces and making each outfit look special. I recently wore a white sporty tee with turquoise blue “hustle” written on it and therefore I changed my watch face to a cute blue watch face with snoopy on it. It’s like you are wearing a new watch every time. How convenient is that? You have formal watch faces with golden, rose gold and black faces and then you have these adorable cute cartoon watch faces and more. With my bright yellow outfit, I changed my watch face to a matching yellow bold face which stands out a lot. 

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