Samsung Gear S2: First Impression


How are you guys doing?
I have just received my Samsung Gear S2 and I have been super
excited to share my first impression of this amazing wearable with you guys in
this blog!
I have always been a tech freak and I knew I absolutely HAD to try
out the Samsung Gear S2 from the minute I heard about its launch in India.
The Samsung Gear S2 Classic comes in a very sleek square box. The wearable
is placed in the centre, below which you will find the wireless charger, and an
extra leather strap for the wearable. The Gear S2 looks absolutely gorgeous
with a black leather strap and a round dark grey dial on the top. This one is a
unisex wearable and looks great on both men and women and this is the reason
for giving 2 straps in different sizes in the box; now isn’t that very
thoughtful of Samsung. The bezel on the Gear S2  can be turned to make app selections – so very
convenient! I absolutely adore the fact that it’s all black, since black looks
good with everything.
There are so many apps on the Gear S2 that I’ve been spending a
lot of my free time trying to explore them all. It’s so amazing that you can
keep changing your watch faces to match you outfit and mood every day. All I
had to do was, download the Samsung Gear app on my phone, connect my Samsung Gear
S2 with my android phone and start downloading various watch faces/ apps. Also,
the wearable comes with a wireless charger that’s absolutely awesome! The
magnetic field on the charger holds the dial and you can just leave it there to
charge without plugging anything anywhere. 
I have to say that this wearable really did meet my expectations;
it’s super easy to use, very convenient, and the experience is like having everything
you need right on your wrist! It’s so cool that I can take calls, reply to
messages, and monitor my diet and workout regime with this amazing gear. There
are so many features that I’m still waiting to try out! Now I can just leave my
phone in my bag and use Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 for everything I need!
 P.s you have to see the
outfit below I styled with one of the coolest watch faces. I am going to go try
more features and apps of Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 and get back to you with a
review real soon!


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