#CheminDesTourelles by Tissot


is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in
the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is

-Coco Chanel

 Everyone has their one favorite accessory that they can’t live without and mine happens to be a watch. A gorgeous classic watch looks good with everything you wear and it makes a wonderful style statement. The sort of watch you pick and wear says a lot about your personality and your watch truly tells what style you follow. I always go for elegant and bold watches and that exactly matches my style. I have forever been in love with the gorgeous watches by Tissot and I recently went to the launch of #CheminDesTourelles, the latest collection by Tissot.

The event was hosted at Tissot’s office in Delhi and we, bloggers were thrilled to check out the latest collection by this Swiss brand. The collection #CheminDesTourelles gets it’s name from the street where the Tissot factory is located. The designs of the watches are very elegant which can be worn with both formal and informal wear. I completely fell in love with the collection the minute I was introduced with the designs. Also, just to understand how versatile these time pieces are, we were made to play a game where we were given various pictures of Deepika Padukone in different outfits and we were supposed to style them with the new collection of watches. I was amazed to see how these western, indo-western, traditional and formal outfits all looked so amazing with these watches.

The event was an experience of a lifetime for most of us as the gorgeous Deepika Padukone graced  the event with her presence. I have always admired her style and meeting her in real life was just too awesome to express in words. I was sitting right next to her in Tissot’s conference room while we had a little chat with her. You can check out the pictures below to have a little sneak peek of the #CheminDesTourelles Collection and see how gorgeous Deepika looked at the launch.

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