My Scarf Affair


“There is a shade of red for every woman.” 
—Audrey Hepburn
Hi Lovelies!
So winters are almost here and I am starting to feel the chills already. I am not too much of a winter person, I would rather stay in a warm place then cold but I love dressing up in winters. The only thing I miss about winters is layering up my clothes in pretty ways and trying different styles. Summer for me is more of jumping into shorts and a skater dress and getting ready in minutes. But I really enjoy dressing up in winters. 
The one thing that makes our outfits look admirably amazing during winters are scarves. I recently came across this online store called My Scarf Affair which specializes in gorgeous vintage Russian scarves. There are scarves that look pretty but are not warm then there are scarves that are so that to make you warm that they sore your neck sore. But these gorgeous vintage scarves are beautiful and keep you really warm. You can layer your outfits with colorful vintage scarves with tassels and make your outfits stand out. There are so many ways of draping a scarf around and you can be super creative with that. 
Just to show you how just a scarf can make your outfit look outstanding, I wore a plain black outfit and styled it with a Red Russian Scarf from My Scarf Affair. As they say, when in doubt, wear red! The minute I say this red scarf, I completely fell in love. The scarf is made of light wool and is very warm. It has a striking and vibrant pattern that will make you completely fall in love. 
I styled this scarf with a caged bralette and a classic black skater skirt. I wore sheer stockings along with a pair of cute black socks and suede boots. To complete the look, I wore a matching red headband which I made myself and carried a sequinned clutch. You can even style this outfit with a big black hat. So are you ready to have an affair with scarves with My Scraf Affair?
Here are the pictures:-

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