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think that, like any art, fashion is about expression. It allows you to
express yourself and your identity through what you choose to wear.

-Erin Heatherton
The wedding season is here again and so many wedding are happening in November. I have been crazy busy deciding my outfits and everything for the weddings. As a kid I never attended weddings and that’s why I am super excited about the weddings in my family now. I want to be a part of all events and I am going to update you with my outfits and where I got them from.

Apart from all the wedding drama happening, I thought of doing a fall look for you guys. I love the beautiful yellow leaves falling off the trees in autumn and making the whole place full of pretty bright leaves. And for the same reason I love wearing yellow and browns for fall. For this post, I am wearing a full StalkBuyLove outfit. I shop from them almost every month and absolutely love their products. You can find really pretty casual outfits their and this is something I recently got. My love for polka dots is eternal so I got a pretty retro halter polka dot peplum top along with a par of white pants and a white fringe bag.

This look is a little retro with the polka dot top and big round sunglasses. I have always been a  fan of retro styles and this is my modern take on retro fashion. Yellow looks amazing on white and since I wanted to keep the whole attention on my pretty new top, I styled it with white pants and fringe bag. All you girls keep asking me about fringe bags, well, StalkBuyLove‘s this bag is pretty amazing and it matches with mostly everything. So now you know where to get your hands on a fringe bag from.

To complete my look, I am wearing golden glitter heels from Intoto. I absolutely love their pretty princess like heels but I do admit that it’s a little hard for me to walk in them since they don’t have any platform. You can even style this outfit with plain white block heels or a nude pair of stilettos. I hope you guys enjoyed this post!


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