Festive Vibes with Zariin


My favourite thing in my wardrobe is my jewelry.

-Kate Reardon
So the festive season is here and I am super excited about it. Are you? I love dressing up for the wonderful Indian festivals and I specially love picking outfits and jewellery for the same. Now that I am growing up in a lady from a young crazy girl, I am going through this whole phase of loving jewellery and ethnic outfits more than my usual casual outfits. I never used to wear anything Indian and I never really wore any jewellery but now I am falling so hard for good accessories and traditional clothes. 
I was looking out for some amazing light jewellery with quality work and ethnic routes when I came across Zariin. I completely fell in love with their collection and we have so much to choose from their website. Zariin was started by two amazingly creative sisters who pay special attention to their design. Each collection is build around
the beauty & uniqueness of the natural stones. Sharing their love
for natural stones- the raw attraction and fierce power, they make the stones the spotlight of each piece, and build the designs
around the stones. Additionally, their designs are influenced by their
cultural roots, as women born and raised in India. They effortlessly
incorporate the Indian influence as well as trends they identify from
their extensive global travels.
I wanted to wear a plain white ethnic outfit with matching light and elegant jewellery. I picked up my new mukesh work saree, wore it with a tube blouse and styled it up with jewellery from Zariin. The best part about Zariin is that each design can be found in different sections of their rings, necklaces, earrings, etc. I loved their gold plated work with dark and light blue beads. I wend to each section of their website and picked a similar maang tikka, ring, layered necklace, bracelet and earrings. The outfit and jewellery was highly appreciated at the party I went to and I am completely satisfied with their quality, delivery and designs. 
~Check out the pictures below~

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