A Little Red Dress


When in doubt wear red.

-Bill Blass 

Hey there!
The weather is Delhi is slowly becoming a little better, atleast at night it’s pretty pleasant. I just went out for a walk and it was pretty nice. I love going for long walks alone at night with just my music on and nothing on my mind. I love listening to music and at night while walking I push all thoughts of work and everything away and just enjoy my walks. While walking today I recalled that I recently wore this really pretty dress and wore this outfit for lunch at a really cute place with red houses. You guys have to see the pictures.

Bill Bass rightly said,”When in doubt, wear Red”. Red is the most gorgeous color and it definitely solves all outfit problems. Wear Red lipstick and you look amazing, wear red heels and your outfit looks amazing, wear a red dress and you will look outstanding. I got a perfect casual short red dress from Missa More recently and I styled it for a lunch. The dress has a V neck, 3/4th sleeves and is super comfortable. This dress has a gorgeous shade of red and it’s one of my most favourite dresses. Either you can make the outfit look simple and wear it as it is or you can make it a little dressy and wear it with a gold metal belt like me. I love this belt. It makes all my outfits look amazing. I even wear this with my denims and tuck it in the looks of my denims.

To completely my look, I wore my really comfy block heels from Forever 21, a golden MK watch, a pair of sunnies and carried my new LV speedy bag. Even since the day I have bought my LV bag, I want to carry it everywhere. Haha! Trust me it’s the best bag ever and I am obsessed with it. Also, it looks amazing with anything red and maroon. Did you notice the houses behind? I absolutely love this place and I so wish to have a house of my own in such a pretty area.

I hope you guys liked my outfit. Check out the pictures below!

What I Wore:-
Shoes: Forever 21
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Watch: Michael Kors
Sunnies: HoneyHugX

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