Pajama Party with Enamor


I have about 100 pairs of pajamas. I like to see people dressed comfortably.

-Hugh Hefner
Hey Girls!
I just love spending quality girl time with my favorite blogger girlfriends and I can’t live without meeting them even for a week. It’s so amazing how we bond together because we have same interests and have so much to talk about. I keep very few friends and those few friends are the best people I know in this world! 
The other day we all shopped some really awesome nightwear essentials from Enamor and decided to have a pajama party wearing our super comfortable and cute outfits. The nightwear essential range on Enamor has a variety of camisoles, racer back tops, shorts, capris and tracks. You can find them in all pretty colors and look cute even at home while wearing these comfy outfits. I came across Enamor’s new range of Nightwear Essentials a few days back and decided to tell all my girlies about it. We all picked something cute and colorful to wear for our oh-so-awesome pajama party! You can check out the pictures below and see how much fun we had and what all we wore. Ashima is more of a barbie doll, I knew she will wear something pink, Dixika picked lime tracks with a dark cami and I went for a classic pink with white combination. I love how they have track pants with high adjustable waists. You can either fold it down or pull it up like I am wearing. 
We laughed, pulled each others leg, danced and had the most amazing time ever. My besties, Ashima, Dixika and Pari are some of the craziest people I know. The best part is that I can be myself with them and they are always there for me. I literally seek their advice for everything and when we are not together, we are texting each other in the group chat. Our very first pajama party turned out to be one of the best nights in my life and I have never had so much fun ever. All thanks to the nightwear essentials by Enamor, we had a very comfy time.
P.S these pictures were taken at Alaya, an amazing spa and salon where we pampered ourselves before the sleepover. You can visit them in Saket, Delhi and spoil yourself silly with some amazing services. 
Photography Credits- Pari Choudhary

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