The Tropical Story


best fashion advice I’d say would be just to do what makes you
comfortable and what makes you feel cute, and that’s how you’re gonna
look your best ’cause when you feel your best, everybody else can feel
it, too.

-Ariana Grande
Hi there!
I am in Mumbai and having the time of my life! I did my graduation from Symbiosis, Pune, I have been in love with Mumbai and Pune since then. They are like my second home and I am so excited to shift to Mumbai next year. I just am celebrating my birthday with some of the closest people and old friends. What an awesome time I am going to have! I found time to blog for you guys and got something new.
I think everyone should definitely have Tropical prints in their
closet. It’s not something that’s going out of fashion whether its
pants, shorts, dresses or whatever. Fashion has branched out to
vegetables and fruits so prints are here to stay and exotic surroundings
are top on the list so basically don’t be boring and play with a lot of crazy prints to make your style statement.
Now this post  features yet another fabulous dress from
last ombre tri tone bodycon dress from their store was something that
I’m not gonna fall out of love anytime soon (you can check that post out here) so I just had to pick
another one from their “Luxzaro Collection”. All these dresses have that Expensive look I would say similar to dresses
from Bebe. So basically you are getting same quality and amazing designs sitting at home and in better prices.

As you know the ideal bodycon dress is supposed to be made
from thick fabric so that they don’t wrinkle and show any flaws on your
body but it’s hard to find many colors and prints in them.  The Shoppers Closet however has many other designs with this material and
you may find something best suited for you as the website has other
collections and styles that have that “stand out” look . What I like is
that you don’t really have to accessorize that much either as the dress
alone is sure to get you noticed. Another reason this dress stood out
was that I noticed they had a picture of Esha Gupta in the movie
Humshakals wearing the Exact same dress and this was an exact copy and I
loved the quality even more after wearing it. The zip in the back
goes through the entire dress as well so I don’t think the fascination
with their dresses has ended yet. I might just surprise you with another
one next time! 

I styled this gorgeous outfit with a pair of neon statement earrings and a pair of pink cris heels from Mango. I hope you guys enjoyed reading the post. Here are the pictures:-
What I Wore:
Bodycon Tropical Dress: The Shoppers Closet
Heels: Mango
Sunnies: RayBans
Watch: Michael Kors
Earrings: Accessorizee Mee


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