The Bohemian Way


Fashion is about good energy. It’s about good feelings. That’s what I have to give the people, good energy and good feelings.
-Adriana Lima
Hey Guys!
You know I shop a lot from Missa More right? I love their casual and comfortable clothing. The have very unique designs and I love their concept of long tops. They looks like maxi dresses but are very comfortable tops with long slits. So I thought of styling this long top of theirs in a bohemian way and with a new hairdo. 
I generally love keeping my hair messy and open. I love the way they naturally fall with little curls so I mostly don’t make an attempt of doing anything much. But since so many of you wanted to see me in a new hairdo, I decided to do a whole look for you that matches the style. I picked up a maroon long top from Missa More‘s new collection which is very comfortable and simple. The best part about this top is that you can style it in different ways to make it look sporty, elegant or sexy. 
I decided to do a boho inspired look for you with a gorgeous statement necklace, wedge sneakers and my hair tied in a bun. I think for summers this look makes a lot of sense. The top is very casual and flowy. I have wearing body hugging things in summers and I hope you avoid that too. Our body needs to breathe and this top makes me feel super comfortable. Coming on to hair, this bun is mostly my savior during summers. I always have my hair tied in this bun and it’s just easier to handle my long and voluminous hair that way. Otherwise I really get irritated of my hair during summers specially when I am sweaty and outdoors. This bun helps you manage your hair and also when you open it, you’ll find curls in your hair. This is the reason I sleep with this bun, I get nice curls in the morning. 

Missa More has a lot of long tops in different designs and colors. I can’t wait to style the others. I love the quality of their cloth, it’s always amazing! And they update their collection every now and then. You can check out their website here.  
I got this gorgeous statement necklace recently from an online store on Instagram. You can find it here. Its a beautiful mix of gold and silver and looks very royal. I would probably wear it for this wedding I have to attend in coming months. I styled the outfit with my new gold plated bangles from The Peach Box and my new golden watch from Michael Kors. Birthday gifts have already started pouring in haha. I hope you like my styling! Enjoy the pictures.

What I Wore:-
Top: Missa More
Sneakers: Promod
Necklace: Brand Love
Bracelets: The Peach Box
Watch: Michael Kors
Sunnies: HoneyHugx

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