The Black Beauty


you look back in history of the women who are most memorable and most
stylish, they were never the followers of fashion. They were the ones
who were unique in their style, breakers of the rules. They were
authentic, genuine, original. They were not following the trends.

-Nina Garcia 

Hey Girls!
So you know there are various subscription boxes that have started trending in the market today and we have so much to choose from. There are boxes for lifestyle products, beauty products, exclusive luxury products and some are a combination of all. What if I tell you there is this box that lets you subscribe to them and monthly they will send you a really cute box with an whole outfit inside along with accessories. Also, you will definitely love it as everything will br of your preference. How cool is that? 
Well I am talking about Your Box! A relatively new subscription box that gets to know you better then curates a monthly box of an amazing outfit for you. Most of you, the college going crowd loves to try new outfits but are too busy to go shopping for it and then buy all matching accessories with it. Also, we look for something very reasonable. Your Box ensures that within Rs. 1499 and Rs. 899, they get you a whole beautiful outfit with all the accessories and even the footwear that you will need with it. Your Box is India’s first ever custom subscription box that takes down all your likes, dislikes and preferences first and then curates a special box for all the customers individually. 
I love black and they know that I do maxi dresses really well. So they ensured that they find a perfect black outfit for me with all the necessary accessories. At the end of the post you can check out a picture of all the products sent to me by them. They sent a necklace, a bracelet, a ring, a watch, a pair of black flats in my size, some lovely heart shaped colorful cookies and a useful laptop portable light. I love how they added this usb light to the box. A surprise element with the outfit which will be very useful for me otherwise since I normally work late night. 
I am absolutely in love with the outfit and look at the fitting. It looks like it was made for me. The fall of the dress falls perfectly and I love the shape it’s giving to my body. You should really try out Your Box and see for yourself how cool this is!

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