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I love fashion and there is no easier way to express yourself than through the clothes you wear.

-Victoria Justice
Hey Girls!
Welcome back to my world!
I don’t know if you guys have been checking out my updates on Instagram but I am in Shimla. Yay! I absolutely love this place and make sure to visit every year once with my family. I have been clicking so many pictures and I can’t wait to bombard you guys with all of them. I couldn’t wait to wear my new leather jacket and finally I am getting to style it here. Delhi is extremely hot this time. It’s so nice being in such a pleasant weather finally! 
So I was going thorough the new collection of Nineteen the other day and saw some really really nice outfits, bags and footwear. Nineteen has a great collection of everything from Accessories to bags and shoes. I thought of doing an all Nineteen look for you girls. I got a gorgeous floral peplum top and styled it with a black shimmery skirt. I love peplum tops as they look very formal, pretty and girly at the same time. And if it’s floral then it has to be my favourite. Also, this skirt is shimmery from front and plain black from the back. You can style it with so many things! I also got a pair of sunglasses from them. I was amazed to see how many sunglasses they have. I thought of doing a pair of plain black round sunnies with this look. To complete the feel of the outfit, I wore a pair of black sandals with white sole. They are super comfortable and go perfectly with the outfit. 
You can check out more footwear on their website. They have everything! I specially love these sandals and I think I am going to get a pair of golden ones too. Nineteen for me is like a one stop shop for all your outfit requirements. They update their stock pretty often so that’s a plus thing about them. You can pick your outfit, accessories, matching bags and footwear from the same website and have them delivered to you in a beautiful packaging. How cool is that! 
Also, you would see some cute curls/ waves in my hair. I went to the Cosmopolitan #VeetIt event where they curled my hair using a curling iron in 2 minutes. I shot this outfit after that. They look pretty cute, don’t they? 
Have a look at the outfit!

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