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I love the fashion world. I love clothes. I love style.

-Kaley Cuoco

Hi guys!
You know I am a freak when it comes to shopping and I have truck load of clothes in my house. My mom stays so pissed off because there are clothes everywhere. I don’t even have space in my cupboard! I have clothes in two closets, 3 trunks and still some are lying around on my bed or sofa. Plus online shopping is so convenient that I end up buying more than usual. But the sad part is that I know that I won’t end up wearing most of the clothes that I have. Even if they are designer labels and amazing clothes, I won’t want to repeat my clothes for a very long time and then they just go out of fashion. Neither do I feel like just giving them away as I have spent so much on them and I don’t want to give them to someone who won’t value them.

If you guys face the same problem, I know most of us girls do then I have the perfect solution for you. The other day I came across a website called Once Again and completely loved the idea they worn on. I happened to buy a gorgeous branded jumpsuit from their website and at barely at a very affordable price. Their concept is that you should never have to wear the same outfit twice. Once Again wants to make branded fashion available to their buyers at good prices
and wants to help their sellers make space for new memories.

So basically you can sell off your branded clothes online and buy more branded fairly used clothes at crazy prices. I sold off a couple of clothes on their website and you don’t know how simple and convenient it is. All I had to do was click pictures of my outfits, upload them and fill a form. With Once Again all you gotta do is wait for your item to sell. They handle everything from packaging material, labels and shipping to delivery, payment and returns. Your clothes reach new homes and you get paid! Also, there are no hidden costs or listing fees. They charge a small commission when your product gets sold. They only serve in Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad, Karnataka, Delhi, Goa, and Telangana for now.

Apart from selling, you can even buy amazing branded clothes from them. They keep pre loved clothes from best of the brands and at very reasonable prices. I myself got this black floral jumpsuit from them and it is as good as a brand new piece. I know I won’t wear it more than 2-3 times and then I now have the option f selling it back on Once Again and getting paid for it without any hassle.

Also, if you girls like my outfits then let me know. I will list my clothes to be sold on Once Again and you girls can buy it from there. Check out the pictures below to see how gorgeous the jumpsuit looks!

What I Wore:
Jumpsuit: Forever 21
Sunnies: Forever 21
Heels: Metro
Bracelet: Promod
Necklace: Zara
Clutch: Accessorize

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