Go green!


I love fashion and there is no easier way to express yourself than through the clothes you wear.

-Victoria Justice
Hi there!
guys know I have been traveling so much. I just git back to Delhi and
slept well on my bed after so long. I went to Lonavala and Pune on my
birthday last weekend and it was so crazy. I have done my graduation
from Pune and going back there make so many beautiful memories come back
to me. It’s an amazing place and I can’t wait to shift back there.
love wearing a lot of bright and beautiful colours. I realized that I
have worn all colors except green for the blog. So I thought of wearing
my favorite shade of green and picked up this gorgeous maxi from Grey Fashion Company. I
think you guys should experiment with a lot of colors and not stick to
your all time favorites. This green is very unique and royal. I
absolutely love wearing this. Thanks to Grey Fashion Company, I found
the perfect maxi in the color I adore so much. 
Grey Fashion Company
has a variety of amazing outfits. If you check them out, you’ll
definitely fall in love. The maxi I ordered came to me pretty quickly
and I love the quality. The fitting is pretty good and the dress has a
pretty neat make. I first came across Grey Fashion Company
while looking for midi skirts. They have the best collection of midi
skirts ever. They have all pretty prints and colors. I wanted to have
one of each so badly. In the recent collection I saw this adorable
ice-cream print tee. I think this print is going to become viral like
the pinapple print. I should definitely buy this one!
styled this gorgeous outfit with sunnies and golden bag from Honeyhugx.
I lovee their cute accessories and I don’t think I am getting over
their stuff anytime soon. Green is the perfect color to match golden
with. I wore Forever 21 flats and some bangles from The Peach Box.
Moving on to makeup, I have put a pinkish red lippy from Maybelline and
well nothing else. I don’t use any makeup except a kajal and lippy
mostly. I have tied my hair in a ponytail and pulled my hair up a little
to make slight puff. 
Hope you guys like the outfit!

What I Wore:-
Maxi: Grey Fashion Company
Sunnies and bag: Honeyhugx
Flats: Forever 21
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelets: The Peach Box

 Hope you guys enjoyed the post and loved the maxi. I am completely in love with this one and mostly because of the lovely color. I’ll be back soooon with a new outfit!

2 thoughts on “Go green!”

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