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“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.” 
Ralph Lauren
Hi Girls!
I have been obsessing over some gorgeous statement necklaces. I just realized that these silver and gold metal necklaces can make any outfit look amazing! I got a couple of them and you would see me styling them with a lot of outfits now. Just to show you how they can make a simple outfit look glam, I did a shoot with a long white top from Missa More’s new collection and styled it for you. 
You would find a lot of comfortable long tops on Missa More’s website. I love styling them and making them look different. I picked up a very simple and elegant white long top with sleeves that have elbow cut outs. Either you can wear the top as it is with shorts and sneakers or you can glam it up a little. I mix and matched two necklace to cover up my neck. I am wearing a necklace from Zara at the bottom with a silver metal rhinestone necklaces on the top from Laglits. Silver jewelery looks out of the world on white! You should definitely try wearing silver imitation jewelry on plain white outfits and see the magic.
To give this outfit a little edgy look, I wore it with ripped denims and bright red sneakers. Since I wore white and silver, I wanted to break the monotonous tone by dropping in a bright contrasting color. Red works really well with white! I have put Ruby Woo on my lips and if you still haven’t got this lipstick then please get it. This shade of red is truly magic. So here is how I styled this gorgeous simple white long tee to give in a little edgy punch and make it look more glam. If you noticed, I have tied the long tee on one side. You can also try this with your long tops or with maxi dresses. Tie a know on one side and make it look something different. I love showing my ripped denims too! They are love!
Check out the pictures below!

Outfit Details:-
Denims: Zara
Necklaces: Zara and Laglits

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