Floral Power


best fashion advice I’d say would be just to do what makes you
comfortable and what makes you feel cute, and that’s how you’re gonna
look your best ’cause when you feel your best, everybody else can feel
it, too.

-Ariana Grande
Hi Girls!
So I am back again with yet another post and I am here with a lot of floral power. You can never go wrong with florals! They always look adorable unless of course you get a really weird color combination. haha! I love wearing florals on pastel shades. You can barely go wrong with pastels and florals.  Yes! I do admit that I have this crazy obsession with floral prints and why not! They look adorable. I have never in my life shopped so many floral prints!
So I came across this really nice online store called Fashnopolism and found yet another perfect floral dress. This one is short, has a halter neck and has cut outs at the waist. It’s a really cute summer day dress. Fashnopolism has a lot of cute stuff. You have to check out their amazing outfits! There were so many outfits that I liked but picked this one as it really compliments with my style and I would prefer a short floral dress any day over other outfits. I think I am just turning more and more girly with each passing day. You should come see my room. It’s all Pink! My mom thinks I am her barbie doll. 
The material of the dress is amazing! I am completely in love with the fitting too. It’s a perfect bodycon dress that has a very rad look to it because of the side cut outs. I styled this dress with my most girly heart shaped sunnies and with pink cross front heels from Mango. The dress has a unique combination of pink and red flowers so you can either accessorize yourself with pink stuff or red. I preferred going with the safer color, Pink. Normally I don;t accessorize much and just wear my promise ring and a watch. Here I went all nude and didn’t wear any accessory. It’s a very neat dress focused girly look.
P.s How pretty are the flowers behind me! Check out the pictures below to see some pictures of the outfit.

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