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Fashion is chaotic, and it can be an aggravation, too, but it is at its best when it allows you to express yourself.

-John Malkovich
Hi there!
  Hope you guys are doing great! I am back again with a new post. Yay! You guys know that I am obsessed with florals right? It’s like whenever I go shopping and see anything floral, I can’t buy anything else. I love wearing those girly pretty prints and trust me with floral, you can never go wrong. Florals have become a really big trend this season and I am absolutely loving it. 
So I present to you CALI, the latest collection of Akira By Anindita Sinha which is all about florals and gorgeous prints. I have featured Akira a lot of time before and it’s my personal favorite when it comes to designer pieces. Anindita Sinha is an absolutely amazing designer and she personally takes care of everything and handles the customized orders for us. The best part about Akira is the quality of the cloth, neat finishing and unique designs. I love how they keep coming up with mind blowing silhouettes and steal my heart every time.   
Cali is the latest collection of Akira and it mainly focuses on florals and flowy clothes. They have an amazing variety of floral prints that you won’t find anywhere and therefore it makes them exclusive. I was mesmerized when I saw their new collection and couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of their pieces. This one that I am wearing is beautiful piece with a mix of hot pink and grey. I have always loved this combination and this outfit really made my heart skip a beat. 
The good thing about this outfit is that is has a beautiful flow and you can wear anything at the bottom. I have styled the outfit with a pink skirt underneath but you can wear white shorts and pants too. You can make it look different every time. I styled this outfit with some bangles and a watch on my one wrist. And I wore these gorgeous black leather heels. These are my favorite pair of black heels! 
Check out the pictures below!

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