A touch of Gold


Hey guys!
I have been going to so many dinners and parties off late. July is a month full of my friends birthdays and I go crazy picking dressing for the same. I have worn almost all dresses from my wardrobe and I really wanted something new that fits well, looks hot and is perfect for clubbing. I am sure you girls understand what I am talking about. Having a wardrobe full of clothes but still nothing to wear. 
Almost a month ago, I has spotted this gorgeous gold bodycon dress at The Shoppers Closet. It was the perfect party outfit and I never owned any dress like that. When I was stuck with my wardrobe problem, I remembered about the gold dress from The Shoppers Closet and contacted them directly to have the dress delivered to me at the earliest. They managed to send the dress across to me in no time and here I am wearing the dress I was dying to have since a long time. I always wanted to have a perfect gold dress that fits well and makes me look glamorous. I feel lucky that I managed to find this dress and it compliments my body so much.
I absolutely love the gold texture of the dress. It looks even better
in person than in pictures and i wanted something that would look good
at night for a party that you had to dress up to. You can find other
gold and silver dresses, some with crystal detailing, which would be
good for a New years eve party or any special occasion like that. This is my 4th feature of The Shoppers Closet because I have had quite a good experience with them in terms of quality and service just in case you need to exchange. The
material of the dress is really thick unlike most dresses I come across online and is heavy so it sits really well on the body. You can also wear a tighter size if you want to look slimmer. Mostly we wear a size bigger to hid our flaws but in case of this material, you need to get a size smaller. The cloth hides all your flaws by hugging your body to perfection.
 I shot these outfit pictures during the party and see how the dress looks great in dim lighting too. It’s a perfect dress to be worn at night and it will make you stand apart from the crowd. I saw several other gold dresses on The Shoppers Closet and I think you should definitely check them out. If not this, there there are other gold dresses that look pretty amazing. 
Check out the pictures below:-

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