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A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.

-Coco Chanel
I have been super busy attending some events. Today I went to this amazing pool side party thrown by Madame and yesterday we all went to celebrate the one year anniversary of Satya Paul CP store. I was so much fun meeting all the bloggers from Delhi. It’s so good to bond with people who are into the same field and love the same things. We had so much to talk about. Next one month I am traveling a lot so I will be pretty busy but I won’t forget to update you all with my latest outfits.
So I went to this brunch the other day and wanted to wear a formal yet petty outfit. I picked up the perfect outfit from Nineteen and teamed it up with a matching bag. I got this beautiful floral dress with velvet touch neck from Nineteen and it was there in three colors. I had a very hard time deciding what color to buy but eventually went for the beige one. I had the perfect accessories to go with this one and this color never goes old. The dress is of a decent thick material and has a very good fitting. I felt very comfortable wearing it. I love the timely delivery services of Nineteen and they update their website every 21st so I have plenty of outfits to go through each month. I have ordered several outfits from them in the past and you can check out my previous blog posts to see all the outfits that I have featured. Their clothes turn out to be amazing and you can completely trust them when it comes to quality.
I teamed up this outfit with my beige/brown block shoes and an adorable bag from Call It Spring. I am completely in love with this bag. It looks gorgeous with everything I wear but it’s my mom’s. How I wish to steal it from her! The best part about the outfit are the matching sunnies that I am wearing. Notice how well the floral frame of the sunglasses match with the dress. These sunnies have such a nice colorful frame that they look good with most of my outfits. I have this really pretty reddish pink lippy from Maybelline. It looks great with both pink shades and reds. You should definitely buy this shade called Matt2 from Maybelline. I am sure you would love it.

Check out the pictures below to see how my outfit from Nineteen looked!


What I Wore:-
Dress: Nineteen
Bag: Call It Spring
Shoes: Forever 21
Bangle: Not Just Tiaras
Sunnies: Ebay.com

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