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you look back in history of the women who are most memorable and most
stylish, they were never the followers of fashion. They were the ones
who were unique in their style, breakers of the rules. They were
authentic, genuine, original. They were not following the trends.

-Nina Garcia

I hope you guys did see my last post where I did an outfit from the last Spring Summer’15 Collection on Ed Hardy. It’s all inspired from Rock n’ Roll and biking. It completely defines my style and I couldn’t help myself but do another outfit for you guys from their latest collection. I am loving their collection of denims, shorts and studded designs. In my last post I featured Ed Hardy’s studded denims with a Ride to Live awesome tee. Today’s outfit is more of a comfy rocker chic look.

I had to try one of the shorts from Ed Hardy. I picked up a light color slightly faded denim shorts from them. It was so hard choosing between the gorgeous black studded denim shorts and these. I am really really fond of the amazing colorful tattoo designs that Ed Hardy stuff has. I saw this amazing white jacket there with this gorgeous design on the back, sleeves and hood. As simple as it looks from the front, it has a really rad back. I have never owned a white jacket before but let me tell you that it’s a must have in your wardrobe. Specially a white jacket with a design that incorporates various colors can be worn and matched with so many outfits.

I know it is super hot but since I like covering up my skin in the sun to protect it from bad heat, I do wear light jackets when I am out in the sun for a while. I never step out in the sun but when I do, I make sure I am completely covered. Even during my college days, my hostel and academic building were a little far and I had to walk all the way in direct sunlight. I don’t know how much does  sunscreen work but I used to cover myself up all the way in a light jacket and I barely got tanned. I am completely loving this amazing jacket from Ed Hardy’s collection. Their designs define me so well!

I teamed up their jacket with a neon green cross back bralette. I think giving the white jacket a neon pop makes it look very chic. The back of the jacket is anyways amazing and colorful. I wore my beige wedge sneakers, some studded accessories and a Love necklace. I am currently obsessing over this necklace so much! I am gonna get the same necklace with Happy written on it too. The perfect sunnies to go with this outfit are classic Ray Bans and black nail paint. P.s the black nail paint is pretty much is fashion and it goes with all your outfits. I was so apprehensive about trying it before but I am loving it now.

Check out the pictures below 🙂

I hope you likee the outfit that I styled for you guys! You guys can even wear this to concerts and look pretty awesome there. I anyways feel that the latest collection of Ed Hardy works pretty well for concerts and you can have amazing outfits styled by mix and matching pieces from their latest collection. I’ll be back real soooon with something new. Lots of love!

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