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Hey Girlies!
Since so many of you were so excited to hear all about what happened at the Swarovski event, I thought of doing a blog post and giving you all each and every detail. It all started with this gorgeous invitation I received from Swarovski inviting me to their Crystal Land. They sent me a mysterious key that was to open a secret box! I got super excited and couldn’t wait to see what my box had. They send a jar full of Swarovski crystals of different shapes and colors with the invitation! How fancy is that? Check out the picture below to see how the invitation looked. Also, that is the new seal of Swarovski and it has a special code on it so that you can go type it online on Swarovski’s website and check if your product is authentic. Nowadays so many people are claiming to have Swarovski in their products so this is a perfect way to check if you have authentic product or not. 
The day of the event arrived and I planned on wearing a floral corset with a black high waist pencil skirt. I carried my new leather studded clutch and wore some golden/ black accessories. You can see the picture below for a sneak peek. We were told to get a fabric or ribbons or belt of our choice so that we can work with our Swarovski crystals on them. I stayed up a night before to make a fabric arm cuff kind of a thing with hot pink shade in raw silk. I stitched the cloth and altered it to my wrist size to take it alone with me to the event.

I reached their at about 4pm and the first person I met was a blogger friend of mind who I have been following since so long but never got a chance to meet. Me and Kritika went crazy clicking pictures in their photo frame setup and it was so beautifully made. Here is a picture of both of us posing and you can check out my #ootd too! 

The setup inside was so beautiful! We had a center round table with our key numbers specifies in front of all chairs. I took out my mysterious key, checked the number and sat in front of my box! Finally the secret box was in front of me and I couldn’t wait to open it. But before that we explored the room.
There were several things displayed in the room for us to see. There was a gorgeous saree worn by a mannequin full of Swarovski work. I looked absolutely gorgeous! They showed us how different brands and products are using Swarovski crystals. The famous Amrapali Jewellery brand now is encrusted with Swarovski crystals. I have always been fond of Amrapali and now I can’t wait to buy one of these Swarovski crustal jewellery of theirs. You can even see Joy shoes with beautiful Swarovski work and then Loreal’s exquisite Cannes collection of lipstick has Swarovski crystals and a velvet cover for the lippy. It’s all so glamorous!

 After we saw all the products, we were shown some very interesting videos about Swarovski Crystals and how they are being used in various products and places. I specifically remember the outfit Rihanna wore with thousands of Swarovski Crystals from head to toe. She looked so beautiful! Finally we were then allowed to open our boxes and I was thrilled to see a box full of Crystals and beads in mint shade. We were supposed to do a DIY and use our creativity to design anything we wanted.
 There were jewellery making experts sitting there who were supposed to help us make our design come live. They even had different  imported Swarovski Crystals that we could use to design the products that we got with us. Some bloggers got belts, some tried making a turban and some made a necklace. Since I wanted to make a wrist band, I took out that beautiful hot pink cloth and picked some crystals that would work well with it.
 I arranged a couple of golden and silver crystals with a golden bead in the center. Once I was done with the formation, someone from the Swarovski team helped me stitch them together to the band and attached buttons to hold both ends of the band together. I completely fell in love with the bracelet and I clicked tons of pictures with it. You can check out a picture below to see how I arranged the Swarovski Crystals together.
 Also, we had yummy yummy snacks there to pamper ourselves! Look at these colorful macaroons, they were so delicious! Swarovski did a great job in making me gain a few pounds that very day. I couldn’t help but click  picture of these pretty things!

Also, while leaving they gave each blogger a personalized exquisite diary with our initials on it encrusted with Swarovski Crystals. How amazing is that? I am forever going to cherish this diary and keep it so safely. I don’t know if you all know this but I collect diaries and love keeping different diaries with me. This one is a masterpiece as no one else can get something like this with Swarovski initials. It was so carefully packed a pretty box to keep it safe. We even got the new edition of Salt magazine and I am planning to read it all today.  

 It was amazing being in Crystal Land and the event was super awesome. I hope you guys enjoyed reading all about the event. I tried to give you guys each and every detail. 

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