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I stay true to myself and my style, and I am always pushing myself to be aware of that and be original -Aaliyah
Hey Girls!
Florals have always been my weakness. But this year I have been loving them way too much. I have never worn or bought so many floral prints before. I am loving the light maxi dresses, crop tops, long floral skirts, floral skater skirts and my new favorite are pencil dresses. They look really smart and elegant. I have never tried a pencil dress before and so I got this gorgeous blue floral pencil dress from Bling Fashion House. You can check out their collection here. 
I think these pencil dresses make you look very thin and tall. The body con dresses with narrow ending hug your body really well and give a very pretty shape. Though
I would not recommend this dress type to girls who have love handles or tummy fats because all that will show and make you feel uncomfortable. Nonetheless, you can buy a size bigger and hide the flaws. I mostly wear size small but in this I am wearing a medium so that it doesn’t stick to my body too much and I don’t have to walk holding my breath. And I think I made the right decision by getting a medium. The dress fits perfectly and I feel very comfortable in it.
I loved this dress so much that I wore it to my grandparents 50th Anniversary last weekend. I wore it with these 5 inch gorgeous grey and blue heels. I was standing 5feet 11 inches tall with this body hugging pencil dress and trust me it looked amazing. I got this dress in light blue color perfect for summers. It has bright floral design and a high round neck. For the day look, I styled this dress with my big light pink framed sunnies and a clear transparent bracelet with stones studded on it. I must tell you that Bling Fashion House has an amazing collection of accessories too. I got necklaces, earrings and so many things from them. The quality is amazing!!
 I styled the outfit with a classic silver glitter clutch bag from an online store called 2AM by two very creative designers, Anjali and Meha. They have an amazing collection of bags and clutches. I myself got 3 bags from recently. You can check out their collection here
What I Wore:
Floral Pencil Dress: Bling Fashion House
Clear Bracelet: Bling Fashion House
Sunnies: Aldo
Heels: GK, Delhi

10 thoughts on “The Pencil Dress”

  1. I thought I was going to need a small or maybe a medium, but all they had at teen clothing online was extra small and large. I ordered the extra small, terrified that I was going to have to send it right back but it fit perfectly! I cannot wait until I show this beauty to others.

  2. Is it even legal to be this much smart, beautiful, gorgeous, hot and carry every outfit you wear with so much elegance and style? You are just so stunning and flawless. Every bit is just so perfect! I'm a big fan of you and read every blog that you post. I hope to see you with my own eyes one day! Keep blogging! 🙂

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