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is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.”

-Gore Vidal
Hey there!
How ya’ll doing?! Hope you guys had a super awesome weekend. I spent my weekend traveling with my younger brother, Addy and we went crazy listening to loud music and driving. We have an age gap of 5.5 years but we get along pretty well. He is like my best friends and we love all the same things. Even our fashion sense compliments each other a lot and I though of doing a post for you guys showing you where we get all our cool stuff from! 
Me and Addy are crazy EDM fans. We never miss any concerts and neither do we miss out on shopping all the cool stuff for our plans. My basic style statement is more of sneakers, snapback caps, Raybans, a loose rad tee and ripped denims. Also, music is my life! If you also associate yourself with my style then you have to check out! They have the coolest stuff ever. They do have all the stuff for men but they even have products specially for women. I love their crazy t-shirts with awesome prints and their tote bags. You can check out two of my favourite t-shirts that me and Addy are wearing in the pictures below. Mine says “Basshead” and his says “Turn Down for What”! I absolutely love that song. 
They even have gizmos like selfie sticks and earphones! If you still don’t own a selfie stick then pleaseee get it because it’s awesome! It you follow my posts then you would notice then I am a crazy snapback cap fan. I got this printed stars cap from Edmotic and loving it to bits. Though Addy is always stealing my caps, I manage to get them back. Also, I love accessorizing my outfits with designer phone cases. My all time favorite case is this mirror finish “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat” Iphone case from Edmotic. This is such a rad case and it looks awesome with no matter what I wear. Addy recently got a Captain America logo case from them. You can get your favorite EDM music artist stuff from them. I wore the Martin Garrix tee when I went for his concert last year. 
Do check out Edmotic because I love their stuff and I know you will too. Also, they are super reasonable and have the coolest prints and designs. I don’t think I ever want to take off the mirror case from my Iphone. Check out the pictures below!

Hope you guys enjoyed the post! You can go follow Addy here on Instagram and do check out his crazy vine videos. He is hilarious! I’ll soon be back with something new! 

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