The Ed Hardy Story


‘Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.’ 
– Lauren Hutton

Waddup everybody?!
Firstly let’s take a moment to appreciate the picture above as my photographer did a wonderful job! I was so excited to show you guys this picture that I couldn’t wait at all. Anyway, so you know how everyone has a basic style that defines them and then they experiment with different trends and follow fashion. My main point is that their basic comfort still always lies in their own style. I do follow fashion but I am always personalizing the trends to suit my style. And nothing defines my style more than Ed Hardy!

I have always been an Ed Hardy fan. I love the classic tattoo design prints, the skulls, hearts and dragons. I used to be a crazy rock head during my graduation and used to listen to goth rock. Marilyn Manson used to be my hero and I would have his satanic poster in my room with red curtains and black bedsheet. I used to only wear black and mostly Ed Hardy. I love their crazy bold prints and it totally defines a part of me. I have also always been a fan of speed and bikes. You won’t believe that my dad taught me how to ride a bike when I was just in 9th class.

The Spring Summer’15 Collection of Ed Hardy is all about Rock n Roll theme with lots of black/whites and biking inspired lines. So now you know from where my love for Ed Hardy has suddenly come back. I recently went shopping and got a couple of outfits from there and thought of showing you guys! I am wearing a black classic tee from Ed Hardy‘s new collection that has a skull with wings on it and says Ride to Live! You can find the same tee in white also there. I was having such a hard time picking clothes that I wanted to buy one in each color. I also got their denims and shorts. In the pictures below I am wearing light colored denims with studs at the bottom. My love for studs is eternal and I had to get this no matter what.

I styled this outfit with my black wedge sneakers, blue reflector Ray-Bans, some golden metal accessories, a spiked cap and a leather bag from Forever 21. I am also carrying a mirror finish golden reflector iphone case. Check out the pictures below!

Denims and Tee: Ed Hardy
Wedge Sneakers: Promod
Leather Bag: Forever 21
Accessories: Forever 21 and Fashion Police 
Avaiators: RayBans
Cap: Punk Store

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and laughed out at my crazy goth phase. Anyway! Do check out the Spring Summer’15 Collection of Ed Hardy because it’s pretty awesome!

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