Midi Amore


Hey Girlies!
I am back with an all new outfit post for you. This season midi skirts have been pretty much in fashion. I had never worn a midi skirt in my life before but when I started blogging and midi skirts started coming up in fashion with all those amazing and pretty prints, I fell in love. I was always the sort of person who was into shorts or skater skirts way above my knee and never felt comfortable wearing skirts that were below my knee. I was so apprehensive in trying my first midi skirt but I absolutely fell in love with them once I wore my first midi. You can go back a couple of posts and check out a post I did before with a bright pink midi and a white corset. 
I came across this online store called The Shopping Pallet and saw this gorgeous black and red midi skirt. I remember seeing a similar midi skirt being worn by Parineeti Chopra and she looked absolutely stunning. So I got this skirt from them and wore it with a full sleeves crop top from Koovs with the sleeves pulled up. I love the look of a plain black crop top with sleeves over a midi skirt. They look pretty smart and can be accessorized with any necklace. Also, I love the puffy look of the midi skirts. They look adorable when all puffed up. Girls look so adorable and doll like in these skirts. The skirt is in glossy finish with absolutely amazing finishing and quality. Do check out the full collection of The Shopping Pallet on their website www.theshoppingpallet.com!
I am wearing a silver studded necklace from Zara that I got last year but never really got a chance to wear it. You should accessorize an outfit like this with big chunky jewellery and over plan tops. I got these sunglasses from Fashion Police and have been loving them ever since! I am wearing a Swarovski bracelet and ring with the outfit to give it an elegant touch. 
Check out the pictures below!
 This is the first post where my lil brother helped me with the photoshoot so here is a shoutout for him! Thank you not so lil brother of mine to shoot such beautiful pictures! You can follow him on Instagram here. And here is a picture of me irritating my Mr. Photographer!

 What I Wore: 
Top: Koovs
Sunnies: Fashion Police
Necklace: Zara
Ring and Bracelet: Swarovski
Shoes: Regal

Hope you guys liked the post and if you haven’t tried out midi skirts yet then you definitely need to try them. You get amazing floral prints in them too so do check them out.

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