Happy Birthday Denim with Jabong


have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most
spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They
have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my

-Yves Saint Laurent
How ya’ll doing? I hope you guys are enjoying the posts and the new outfits that I have been putting up. I have been working hard. I read all your beautiful comments on my Facebook and Instagram and feel so motivated. Thank you so much for all the love and appreciation. I’ll always try to do something new for you guys and put in my best.
Here is a special post for you guys celebrating Denims Birthday. The legendary blue jeans celebrates it’s birthday on 20th May and since Jabong is taking a great initiative in celebrating the birthday with a launch of Denim Store on it’s website, I though of doing a denim on denim outfit from their collection talking about my favorite denims. My favourite pair of denim is a dark shade of plain skinny mid waist denim. This pair of denim is the best as it can be worn with all kind of clothes. It looks good when you wear it with any color and you can even wear it to parties at night with any sort of top. I feel the plain dark shade complements everything. 
Mid rise denims are most comfortable as I don’t have to worry when I am sitting as most of them go too low. Also, since crop tops are in fashion, mid-rise denims work almost as high-waist and I can easily wear crop-tops without feeling uncomfortable. Coming on the denim on denim fashion, you all should try it. It’s at it peak and I am loving it. Wear a dark pair of denims with a light denim shirt and it can never go wrong. I have seen many people go wrong while pairing up denims and wearing the same denim color from top to bottom is just monotonous. So just to be on the safer side, wear light on dark. 
I am wearing my favorite pair of skinny denims of Lee from Jabong’s Denim Store.
 along with a fitted light blue denim shirt of Pepe Jeans. Going with the rugged look and following the crop top fashion, I tied the denim shirt in front. Also, have you got some caged bralets yet? They look amazing and you can wear them with all your backless outfits and high-waist outfits. I am wearing a white caged bralet with this outfit. You can find a picture of the same below. 

For this look, I am wearing Ruby Woo, my favourite lippy from Mac. I abolutely love the bright red shade of lipstick on denim. I have left my long wavy hair to naturally fall on my shoulders. I wore a pair of grey pencil heels that have a blue bow on the top. I love the look of pencil heels with fitted denims. I also wore my all time favourite MK watch, a studded arm bracelet, a snapback Superman cap and some crown shaped tiara rings. Find all details about my outfit at the bottom of the post.

What I Wore:-
Caged Bralet: Stylist Womaniya
Snapback Cap: Punk Store
Studded Arm Bracelet: Punk Store
Tiara Rings: Huee_trendss
Watch: Michael Kors

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