Floral Fantasy with Mariposa Love


Playing dress-up begins at five and never truly ends.
-Kate Spade
Hi there!
I am back with another post so sooon! I hope you guys are regularly catching up on my posts as I am trying to post as frequently as I can. I went shopping yesterday and let me tell you Delhi is the best place to shop. Luxury goods, Top brands, Ethnic Stuff and Export surplus cheap stuff, you get it all here. The best is Street Shopping but it’s sooo hot here that you will die of heat and get tanned. Nonetheless, I managed to go yesterday and got some really cool stuff. I shall be sharing with you what all I got. 
My today’s post is on a perfect floral cut out outfit with bright and beautiful colors. I love florals and this season is best for wearing bright standing out colors, cut out dresses and florals. I got this gorgeous dress from Mariposa Love online store and have been completely in love ever since. Mariposa Love has an amazing collection of the most assorted jewelery and outfits that you will fall in love with. The best part about them apart from the amazing quality of products is that they deliver real quick be it anywhere in India. No more waiting for products and getting impatient. I shop a lot online but most of the times I am confused about the quality and then they have so much of waiting time before I receive the products but with Mariposa Love, everything is taken care of. 
This dress is mostly a mix of blues and reds with hint of pink. It has a cut out in front and and back. I love the cross back and it makes the dress look amazing from the back. The quality of the dress is mind blowing. The material is very thick and the dress fits really well. I styled this dress with accessories from Swarovski. I am wearing a bracelet, a statement ring and earrings from Swarovski. Simple and elegant. I wore my favourite blue zara heels that match perfectly with the dress. You can even go for red heels. I am wearing Ruby Woo by Mac on my lips. I must tell you that this is my favorite lipstick of all time. Do get one of these if you don’t already have one. Also, I got this amazing new iphone case from Love Shonas Collection. “More Issues Than Vogue”, how awesome is that!
Check out the pictures of the outfit below 🙂

What I Wore:
Accessories: Swarovski
Heels: Zara
Lippy: Ruby Woo by Mac
Nail Paint: Keep up the flame by Maybelline

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