Back to 60’s!


is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in
the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is

-Coco Chanel

Hey Guys!
So I just crossed 30k followers on Instagram and I can’t explain how happy I am. I never imagined that I would reach this far and things would work out so well when I started 8 months back. Thank you for all the love and appreciation. You guys keep me motivated and thank for all your suggestions for making me do better. So I thought of doing something different for this special blog post.
The other day I was watching the trailer and songs of the movie Bombay Velvet. I absolutely love how the whole theme of the movie revolves around the fashion of 1960’s. Anushka Sharma is looking absolutely gorgeous. I have always loved that phase of fashion where people wore all polka dots and pencil skirts. Throughout the 1960’s fashion changed a little where the prints remained the same but the silhouettes changed. I thought of doing a look inspired by Bombay Velvet and 1960’s for you guys. 
I am wearing a sleeveless polka dots pencil dress. I absolutely love the retro combination of red and white polka dots and the tight legged pencil dress just goes right with the re-created look. I barely experiment with my hair but since the look demanded it and wouldn’t have been complete without it, I made a huge puff on the top and tied a high ponytail with hair twisted at the bottom. I got these new heart shaped sunnies from Forever 21 last week and I completely love how they are complimenting my outfit. To complete the look I wore my white pointed low heels with bow on the top.
I found perfect fashion cases for my Iphone from Dailyobjects.You can check out their Bombay Velvet special designer cases here. I picked up two of my favorite cases from them. One of the cases has Anushka Sharma dressed up in a gorgeous 60’s club outfit and the other one is a red designer case with Bombay Velvet written on it. I am really looking forward to watching Bombay Velvet. Who else is excited?! 🙂
Here are the pictures!

 Hope you guys liked the post. Do leave your comments below and give me your take on my 60’s look. And I would love to see you all post your pictures in the 60’s look. Please tag me on Instagram if you do so.

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