The Red Fusion


best fashion advice I’d say would be just to do what makes you
comfortable and what makes you feel cute, and that’s how you’re gonna
look your best ’cause when you feel your best, everybody else can feel
it, too.

-Ariana Grande

Hi there!
So I have been looking out for a lot of contemporary Indian outfits that are not typically western but are not too traditional too for a destination wedding I have to go to. I didn’t want an outfit that was very traditional for the morning event and so I wanted to go for some fusion where the outfit suits the occasion and yet doesn’t look too western. I think red is a beautiful color to wear for an auspicious occasion and I happened to find this stunning pure chiffon halter gown at AKIRA, a line started by a very talented designer Anindita Sinha. To give in the fusion look, I wanted to wear gold jewelery that looked very traditional and elegant. I came across Amaara Jewelery, an online store based in Doha Quatar who make stunning gold plated jewelery and ship worldwide. 
The best thing about Amaara Jewelery is the finishing and the intricate exquisite designs. I have fallen in love with their delicate and unique pieces. I got an arm cuff from them which has a design made up of tiny gold leaves. It’s open and adjustable on one side and it fits perfectly on my tiny wrists. I have very delicate tiny wrists and I really never liked wearing the big arm cuffs. But this one is a total exception. It’s very very delicate and sits so well on my wrist, looking absolutely gorgeous. The most beautiful thing and special piece of jewelry that I own right now is the big round ring I got from Amaara. You know what’s special about the ring? It was customized by their expert calligraphist and they wrote “Parleen Aakriti” in Arabic on the ring. I recently got engaged and this was the best gift that I can ever get. You can get your jewelery customized too! Isn’t that amazing? I love big chunky rings and having our names on it, just makes it really special. Check out Amaara Jewelery’s website here for all their stunning collection.
Coming onto the outfit, I am wearing this gorgeous chiffon outfit by Akira. I love the bright red color and the perfect fitting. It got a closed high neck in the front and a halter back. The material is very light and flows in a beautiful way rather than falling straight down. Akira is one of my favourite online stores as they keep coming up with new gorgeous designs every now and then. I have been following Akira since the day they started and they never stop to surprise me with their innovative chic designs and something unique with every new collection. I can’t wait to style more of their glamorous outfits. You can check out Akira’s website here.
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Hope you enjoyed the post and found it helpful. Also here is a lil more information for you about what I am wearing. I have put on Ruby Woo by Mac and Keep up the flame nail enamel by Maybelline Color Show. Have a great day my beauties!

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