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How ya’ll doing? I have been planning on a few trips lately and I really want to just leave and go on a vacation. A little traveling and spending some quality time in nice adventurous places always makes me happy. While traveling I always felt that we should have an app in our smartphones that can help me browse through the different fashion outfits, accessories and lifestyle products so that I can plan on my new blog and check out what I can buy reasonably from an assortment of products of best brands. Well I found something to serve my need and I am going to tell you all about it today.

A few days ago I was approached by the Klip team to be a part of their exclusive First Circle to review their upcoming on-the-go Klip app for Android. I have been so excited ever since. They shared the pre-launch version of the app and I have been surfing through, browsing and klipping since then so that I can get to know the app as much as I can before I tell you guys all about it in my review. 

Basically what I found about this app is that it gives you a perfect platform where you can browse through Home, Lifestyle, Men’s and Women’s fashion products from over 500 brands. It’s like a one stop convenient destination for all your shopping needs as with the help of the mobile app, it’s accessible from anywhere. I love how it’s so easy to browse through what you are looking for, klip it, shortlist it and buy it without spending unnecessary time in going out shopping or finding stuff on different websites and comparing. 

Once you download the app, you can make your own profile and start klipping and saving things that are of your interest. If you find someone with similar interests you can even follow them and check out what they have klipped and saved. The app provides you with other features like following the brand that you like, all their updates and new products will be shown on your home feed. There is another amazing feature where in the Collection tab they keep updating several lists like “50 Best Accessories to Style your Hair” as you can see in the screenshot below. Therefore you  have the access to latest trends and a list that gives you best of everything to make your choice easier. If you are ooking for the best footwear or trendy summer dresses, you would find the best of the collections there. 

Trust me, I am glad that I came across this app and it’s going to make my life much simpler. Being a fashion blogger, this app is definitely the best tool I have to plan everything that I am going to do next and gives me a perfect shopping platform. They are going to launch the app soon. I can’t wait for you all to check it out!  

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