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“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” 
– Coco Chanel
 Hey Girlies!
Weekend is finally here! What are your plans? Go out, go crazy and have fun before the boring Monday is back! I am also going for a trip with my parents. How I love looong drives. Did you guys know I love driving and racing? I am crazy for bikes and cars. I can drive for hours without getting tired though my dad needs to keep telling me to slow down over and over again but who can blame me, he was a rally racer and drives really crazy himself.
I wanted to try the metallic tattoos since so long and finally I did. Yay! They were always so appealing and I tried some of them on that I got from The Spark House. If you are looking for these gorgeous flash tattoos then do check them out because they specialize in these. 
I got two outfits this month from StalkBuyLove and I always love their clothes. I have been obsessed with maxi dresses. I ordered two maxi’s from them and one is this stunning black backless maxi. I am completely in love with it’s back and the fitting. Their make is always so great. The length of the maxi is perfect and I can wear it with high heels without letting my heels show. 
I styled up my outfit with a gorgeous golden metal necklace and earrings from Zero Kaata. I love these bold metal statement necklaces. They look good with so many things and it’s so easy to style them up with your outfits. The stunning earrings that I am wearing are from the exclusive collection of Zero Kaata. I love the designs and the finishing of these earrings so much. They look great with gowns and maxi dresses. 
I am wearing a mix of Matt 2 by Maybelline and Hearts & Tarts by Colorbar. I am loving the shade that it turned out to be. So bright and gorgeous. My nail paint is Keep up the flame by Maybelline Color Show. Also, I have no make-up on my face. I have decided not to ruin my skin haha. 
Here are the pictures!
I hope you enjoyed the post and do check out StalkBuyLove’s new collection! I love their stuff.
Have a great weekend!

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