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Hi there!
Whats up you guys? I have been doing so much shopping lately. I have this phase of designing clothes and I have been going to various places to get nice cloth and get it stitched. Soon you will see some amazing stuff coming your way. 
So I have to tell you guys something. I am crazy for collecting awesome stationary and diaries. You won’t believe how many awesome diaries I have in different sizes and prints. I barely use them but I do like keeping them. I came across this amazing store called LetterNote and ever since then I have been crazy over their wonderful products and designs. Last week I visited their store in Hauz Khas and believe me they have the most happy and positive store ever with these amazing designs and motivational quotes to make you happy. Their products are inspired by life and they want to inspire and encourage everyone to live joyfully through them. Their manifesto talks about all the positive/ happy things and they guide themselves by it. You can see the red diary in my pictures below and read it on the cover. 
If you check out LetterNote’s website here. you would see that they have a variety of products like Phone cases, Stationary, Lifestyle products and Graphic Art. Among all of their Awesomeee designs, I love the “Do Epic Shit” collection. I love how that one little line tells me to do something great in my life and says whatever you do, give in your best. I got their diary and I carry it around everywhere with me now. I jot down all my blog plans, ideas and contacts in it. Did you see the “Do Epic Shit” wall painting? How much I lovee it. I have put it right in front of my bed and the first thing I see is that. I love how everything that LetterNote makes gives such positive vibes. You can see a page of their planner, that says Enjoy The Little Things in Life. 
I also got a phone case from the same collection. It’s officially my new favorite case. Perfectly matches with my black Iphone and looks so rad. I love styling my phone case too after all we carry our phones with us all the time. Check out all their awesome stuff that I got in the pictures below!
P.s I am wearing a white corset from GK, Delhi with my Forever 21 denims, sunnies and wedge sneakers. I have styled my outfit with accessories from Not Just Tiaras. You can check out their pretty accessories here

 Hope you guys liked the post. Some new crazy stuff coming sooon. Till then don’t forget to Do Epic Shit! 😛

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