Contemporary Soul: Khara Kapas


Style isn’t just about what you wear, it’s about how you live.

-Lilly Pulitzer

Hi there!
If you guys have been following me for a while then you would know that I am mostly all about western outfits and you won’t have ever seen me in anything even slightly Indian. Well this post is a big surprise for all of you then. I have been so excited for this post since the day I got this contemporary Indian outfit.  I came across Khara Kapas a few days back and for the first time I completely fell in love with something so contemporary, bohemian and yet so modern. I couldn’t take my eyes off this outfit that I got, the minute I saw it. It’s a very pretty layered ankle length mustard skirt that has a gorgeous flow because of the detailed work of white beading done at the parameter of the skirt. I love how it flows and gives a beautiful shape. The black cotton crop top has buttons in front and is u shared from front and back. Do check out more outfits of Khara Kapas on their Facebook Page here and you can follow them on Instagram here
I absolutely loved their packing! They sent me this outfit in a plain white cotton cloth bag which was simple and yet very different. There is a completely different feel of receiving things in simple cloth packing than getting them in plastic wrapped packing. I wore my red and green glass bangles with this outfit on one arm and wore the gorgeous gold ring with a peacock embellished on it on the other hand. For the first time I wore these typical Indian bangles and jewelery. I have to admit, I absolutely loved wearing this outfit and I can’t wait to get more of their gorgeous outfits. If you saw the video above, I am sure you can make out how much fun I was having wearing that skirt, jumping here and there like a little girl.
Their products are made 100% in cotton and are very comfortable. I love the material and finishing of the clothes. I picked up a matching mustard duppatta for the shoot because I always wanted to do that duppatta flying in the air, DDLJ kind of thing. Haha, I know i am so dramatic and funny. Anyway please do check out all the pictures below, you will fall in love with the outfit and trust me, I am not doing justice to this gorgeous outfit.  

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