I got my Red Dress on tonight!


Clothes is just something you put on to cover yourself… fashion is a way to communicate.

-Dries van Noten
Hi there!
So I have been so busy with all the things happening with the blog and this course I am doing that I forgot to put up my Valentines Day outfit for all you girls out there. I wanted to put it long time back but something else or the other kept happening and I didn’t put it up. Also, I am not a big fan of Valentines’s Day. It’s just a little to much for me. Anyway, for all the girls who love celebrating it and who want to have great ideas for the same next year, here is my post featuring this gorgeous red maxi dress from StalkBuyLove.
Valentines Day is a day full of love and passion. Red the perfect color for it and finding a perfect dress for a special date is a big deal. So I came across this gorgeous halter neck maxi dress from StalkBuyLove and completely fell in love with it. The dress arrived just in time and the packaging was just perfect. The biggest fear that I have during online shopping is that I hope the dress looks exactly like the way it looked online. And trust me, this dress looks exactly the way it’s shown online. Actually I think it looks even better in read. It’s undoubtedly one of my most favorite dresses now.
The perfect fitting and sleek long look made me look really tall and elegant. The back of the dress is absolutely stunning. I wore my red criss cross pencil heels though I think you can maintain a contrast and wear black heels instead if you don’t have the same red shade of heels like the dress. Since it’s a perfect date night look, I completed my look by wearing my Swarovski ring, bracelet and earrings. StalkBuyLove is one of my favorite shopping destinations. They have a variety of lace, cut out and co-ordinate dresses that are latest in fashion.
Here are the pictures!
 Hope you girls liked the post and will try out something like this next Valentines or probably for your special date night! 

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