A little bling !


Sun glasses, like red lipstick, change everything.
Hey Guys!
Finally winters are not so fierce anymore back here in Delhi. Yay! I went for a calender launch party last night and ended up wearing a skirt after so long. I still did feel a little cold and this weather is pretty dicey for catching cold so don’t try what I did. haha! Anyway, so I shot an outfit the other day and I thought of sharing the pictures with you.
It’s a simple light daily wear outfit made a little more chic with the sequin top and bows. I am very fond of sequin. I think everything looks really pretty and glamorous with sequins. I would love to wear all my dresses in different color sequins every single day. That’s how much I am fond of sequin. But no denying the face that not all color of sequin outfits can be worn in day time. You can mostly wear white, pink and silver but no black, gold and red. The latter three colors look perfect for a outing at night and look a bit too much in the morning and believe me you don’t want to catch so much of unnecessary attention. I got this grey sequin top while street shopping in Delhi and I absolutely love wearing it with blues, blacks and hot pinks.
I styled this top with my light corduroy jacket and my new favorite pair of ripped denims.Grey goes pretty well with light colored denims. I wore my all time favorite black wedge sneakers and they are so comfortable that I can run in them all day long. If you are short then they would be a great thing for you to wear whenever you go out as they are not as uncomfortable as heels but they do give you a little height. 
Also, I absolutely love picking up plain cross body bags and then covering them up with either different color and size buttons, badges or bows. I picked up my old suede leather bag and since I have lost most of my badges carrying my bag around everywhere, I pinned down the bows I made. Just trying to put my creativity and bows to good use in as many ways as I can. 
Here are the pictures!
Ripped Denims: Zara
Sequin Top: Delhi Street Shopping
Corduroy Jacket: Benetton
 Bows: My DIY Collection
Watch: Michael Kors
Studded Wrist Band: Punk Rock
Wedge Sneakers: Promod


WINNER OF THE ZIVEG GIVEAWAY IS NIVYA GORAYA! Congratulations Nivya for being the lucky winner and hope you enjoy your bauble from ziveg. 

Thank you for participating everyone. Please don’t be disappointed as there are more giveaways coming up soon. 

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