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I stay true to myself and my style, and I am always pushing myself to be aware of that and be original- Aaliyah 
 I was so bored of sitting at home and decided to take my mom out for a little trip of Delhi. While looking around we came across this wonderful little place called the Railway Museum. This open ground museum has a number of antique beautiful trains. I absolutely loved the trains that looked like they have been here since the British times and they had such wonderful indoors and contours. I have barely traveled in trains but always wanted to sit in one of those pretty looking antique trains that I see in old movies and this museum had all those pretty trains. The little kid inside me was so excited that we went to take a tour on one of those little toy trains inside that takes you around the whole place.   

Since it’s pretty chilly here in Delhi, I had to wear a jacket and yet at the same time wanted to give in an elegant look to the outfit. Nothing looks better than a lace jacket with a hint of nude color and black lace. Well it’s not something that can keep you warm but it pretty much was good enough for me. I absolutely love the golden statement neck pieces with nude and black shades, they look really stunning and give a very royal look. Inspired by the same thing I planned on doing this blog post for you guys!

What I wore in this post is something very elegant with a hint of gold and to break the monotonous tone, I wore my new red sneakers! The lace jacked I am wearing is from Promod. It’s got thin leather shoulders, golden zip and lace body. I absolutely fell in love with this jacket the minute I saw it. And lucky me, it was on sale. Yay! This jacket can be worn in three ways. Either you can open it and wear or you can pull up the zip a little and wear it like I am wearing in the very first picture or you can close the button on top and wear it as a closed neck jacket. I recently got a golden statement necklace from Kazo that I am wearing in this post. This necklace also goes really well with your traditional clothes. The bold golden cuff I am wearing is also from Kazo. I wore a dark black tang top inside with my dark blue denims. To break the dark tones I wore my red wedge sneakers making the contrast stand out. Another reason I wore these sneakers was because they are incredibly comfortable and it was easy for me to travel in them and look around. To complete my look, I picked up my all time favorite DKNY bag.
Have a look at the pictures!

 What I Wore:
Lace Jacket: Promod
Denims: Forever 21
Necklace and Cuff: Kazo

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