Leather Skater Skirt- Look 2


people think fashion is frivolous but it’s not… it’s just that some
ideas come and go quickly, and that’s the nature of the language of
-Douglas Coupland
 Hope you girls liked my earlier post featuring the leather skater skirt with a neon hint. You can check it out here if you still haven’t. As I promised that I will be putting up another blog post featuring my love for the same skirt with a rather different look, I came up with the idea of wearing it with a velvet crop top.
My earlier post where I was wearing the neon Jack Daniels top was more of a day look with a full t-shirt and a blazer. This second look is more of a crazy night look with the combination of velvet and leather. If you are wondering from where I got that velvet crop top then you are in for a surprise! That ain’t actually a top I got but it’s a ready made blouse of a saree that I purchased from a local market. I wanted this exact same velvet crop top but couldn’t find it anywhere so I thought of being a little more creative a finding a blouse that would look pretty much like a crop top. After all if you think about it most of the crop tops can be worn with a saree like a blouse. Hehe.
I styled this chic outfit with the same leather bag, studded Jeffery Campbell litas and my favourite Ray Bans. Also, like I mentioned in my earlier blog post, my new fashion statement are my collection of new designer cases from Daily Objects, I styled this outfit with my customized case.
Have a look at the pictures and do get creative with your outfits!
 Velvet Crop Top: Local Delhi Market
Leather Skater Skirt: Forever 21
Jeffery Campbell Litas: Stylish Womaniya Store
Leather Backpack: Forever 21

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  1. Beautiful look, love it and shared with friends, as I suggest that this is a beautiful gift for someone as always concern about the saree packing or skirt packing material as it boost the gift visibility, if gift of such kind is given.

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