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When you love fashion, there is no weekend. Everything just blends together.

-Carine Roitfeld
Hey Peeps!
Fashion according to me is finding new things to look fashionable and looking unique with all that you carry. With all the accessories and beautiful clothes and make-up we forget to stylize something that we carry with us almost all the time. Your Cell Phone! We dress up everyday mixing and matching our clothes and shoes with various accessories and end up forgetting that our mobile cases looks the same old thing that we end up using till it gets ruined and unusable.
After my realization, I though to myself that I should stylize fashionable mobile cases with my outfits too! Revamp that boring case of yours and make it your new fashion statement. I ended up looking for a number of cases online and stopped my search when I came upon this amazing website of Daily Objects that has over 2000 designer cases and to top it all they provide you with the service of customizing your own mobile case. They use MT3 Technology that basically doesn’t let the design peel off and stuff.
I got gaga over designs and got myself many cases including a customized case with one of my favorite blog pictures. It also proves to be a great gift too if you wana just print your picture together with friends, etc. Since I am a fashion maniac, I absolutely fell in love with their new line of fashion cases designed by Anna Hammar. You have to see her cute designs and I ensure you that you will love em. I got two of her designs which you can see in the pictures below. I can’t wait to style all these beautiful cases with my outfits!
Have a look at the cases that I got!

 Oh and I composed a few pictures to show you how pretty these cases look as a fashion accessory!
I absolutely love the floral one and it can be used with any bright pretty dress. The girl power designer cases by Anna are very chic and fashionable. I am currently using the geometrical design case that goes perfectly with my everyday denims!

 Hope you guys enjoyed today’s post and do check out for the amazing cases if you are looking for any or just in case my post inspired you to carry a case as a fashion accessory. 

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