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I like looking nice, but I always put comfort over fashion. I don’t find
thin girls attractive: be happy and healthy. I’ve never had a problem
with the way I look. I’d rather have lunch with my friends than got to a
 Hey Pretty People!
I love the above quote by Adele. I strongly believe that you should be comfortable in what you wear rather than following fashion blindly. I am not saying not to follow fashion but I am asking you guys to follow fashion in your own way that makes you feel most comfortable. I am the sort of person who has all the pretty 5 inch heels but still ends up wearing sneakers with everything each day. I can wear sneakers with every freaking thing. Wear fashion in your own way and feel confident about what you are wearing. Let your fashion define you and let people know that this is what this girl is all about rather than feeling like someone else. 
My today’s post is about what I am! Leather jackets, sporty t-shirts and denim. I would much rather wear this than wear short uncomfortable dresses. On most days, I wear sporty t-shirts and denims with my sneakers. Specially now when we have winters, I love styling these sporty t-shirts with either a black fitting blazer or leather jacket. Style your simple outfit with a few accessories, red lipstick and open messy hair and you are good to go. Your most important accessory should be your confidence to rock any outfit you wear. I absolutely love leather jackets and I long for winters for the same reason. Also, boots make a stunning fashion statement. I have styled my chic outfit with wedge knee high dark grey boots. I also caught hold of a very different 4 finger pearl ring sent to me by The Bling Store.
 Here are the pictures and find the outfit details at the bottom 🙂
Leather jacket: Promod
4 Finger Pearl ring: The Bling Store
NY tee: Cupid, Pune
Denims: Levis
Boots: GK Market, Delhi
Accessories: Promod and Forever 21
Hope you guys will keep in mind what I said and define your own fashion!
Lots of love

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